Tree clearing on Main St / Maxson Hill

Map of the 310 Main St. Solar project
Developer's map of the solar installation at 310 Main St / Maxson Hill Road

Hopkinton residents have noticed that someone is cutting down trees along Main Street (Rte 3) and Maxson Hill Road. What’s going on?

The project is called the “310 Main Street” solar project. In May of 2018, town council members Frank Landolfi and Sylvia Thompson voted to change the zoning of that property to allow more than 60 acres of solar panels. The councilors went a step further and wrote into law that that there must be no less than 60 acres of panels on the property. They changed the town’s comprehensive plan to cater to an outside developer and to alter the natural landscape of the area.

There is a group of citizens in town who are fighting this and other project in court. You can support them by sponsoring their petition.

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