Industrial Solar on Skunk Hill

Map of proposed industrial facility on Skunk Hill Road.

Town council will vote on June 10, 2019 on whether or not to convert a residential lot into an industrial solar facility.

The agenda for the meeting is available online.

If approved, more than 60 homes will get a new neighbor: an industrial solar facility. There are no studies to show what that’ll do to property values. It’s a gamble for the homeowners.

Email your councilors. Tell them what you think:

planning map for a proposed solar facility on Skunk Hill Road
If approved, the industrial facility will abut more than 60 homes.

Facts about solar

  • Hopkinton taxes commercial property at the same rate as residential property.
  • Hopkinton charges a higher tax rate on cars than on solar panels.
  • Industrial solar in Hopkinton benefits the rich more than the poor.
  • Residential solar (rooftop) can save a household more than 20x what this facility will save in property tax reduction.

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