Progress Report for July 12

There are ups and downs, and I’m happy to report that things are generally up on the rest stop front. There were three important events recently, and all three are good for Hopkinton.

The online petition surpassed 100 signatures!  That’s a strong showing from Rhode Islanders who oppose this development.

During the Hopkinton Town Council meeting of July 5 (agenda in pdf), the council voted to oppose construction of a rest stop at Exit 1, and further resolved to place a non-binding referendum question to the November ballot to ask Hopkinton citizens directly if they are in favor of the rest stop.

This gives a strong voice to the people of Hopkinton and is a win for democracy.

After the resolutions were passed, Representative Brian Patrick Kennedy sent a letter to RIDOT director, Peter Alviti, asking that RIDOT stop its plan to build at Exit 1.  There has been no response from RIDOT that I’m aware of.

The state hasn’t agreed to stop its plan, we still need your help. Get involved.  Tell your representatives to Keep Hopkinton Country.