Is Route 3 Suitable For Bicylcles?

RIDOT’s proposal makes a few boasts regarding bicycles in an effort to tout how environmentally friendly their proposal is. But after closer inspection, this isn’t true.

RIDOT boasts that there will be:

Parking for 50 bicycles

I’m a fan of bicycles.  I think parking for 50 bicycles is great.  I hope that one day RI can build a meaningful infrastructure for cycling.

Connectivity to a designated suitable bicycle road (Route 3) and secure bicycle parking is provided

I’m also a fan of safety and sharing the road and sensible planning.  Route 3 in Hopkinton, RI is not a bicycle-friendly road.  The speed limit is 40, and traffic is typically faster.  The shoulders completely disappear at spots, and it’s hilly and windy. It’s just plain dangerous to cycle there now, it’ll be even more perilous with the increased traffic that RIDOT is proposing.

But don’t take my word for it.  Look at it for yourself. It’s a busy street with little or no shoulder. I don’t know any cyclists who choose to use Route 3.

A more sensible alternative to a rest stop would be to build a safe bicycle corridor from Richmond to Westerly. It would be environmentally friendly, it would be in keeping with the Towns’ plans, and $12 million would go a long way toward it.

Get Involved! Tell your representatives that you don’t want a rest stop in Hopkinton.