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UPDATE Feb 8, 2017: Template updated.

Send letters! Let your representatives know that you oppose reckless development in Hopkinton. Writing letters is easy! Use the letter below as a guide and replace the parts in square brackets with your information. If you use the postal service, remember to put your return address on the envelope!

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Sample letter:


My name is [YOUR FULL NAME] and I reside at [YOUR STREET ADDRESS] in [YOUR TOWN], Rhode Island. I choose to live in Hopkinton because I enjoy the rural qualities of this historic New England area.

I am writing to ask that you help halt plans to build the Travel Plaza and Transit Hub at Exit 1 in Hopkinton. As you may know, in the November election of 2016, 65.5% Hopkinton residents voted to OPPOSE the Transit Hub. The actual election numbers are 1332 SUPPORT and 2528 OPPOSE. These results are available from the RI Board of Elections.

The RIDOT proposal aims to introduce 500 cars and busses per day to Main Street, and funnel them toward a state facility. Such an operation will certainly damage the local economy by removing valuable real estate from tax rolls and competing directly with area businesses.

Further, the Transit Hub isn’t connected to any transit options. The plan is sited more than 10 miles from the nearest rail station (existing or proposed) and the only bus service available is a single park and ride route, and the existing Park and Ride lot is in good repair and never more than half full.

I appreciate your help and ask that you please send me a response letting me know if you are able to assist in supporting the majority of Hopkinton voters in preserving the historic and rural character of Hopkinton.

Thank you for your time and considering my request.



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Let your voice be heard! Customize the language to meet your needs, and send your letters to representatives listed here.